2013 Modell
Januar DS # 27, im Schrank 
Februar GK-AF # 23, im Schrank 
März Church - Designed by Norbert Pachner; supported by Andreas Abel 
April Southern French Parish Church - Designed by Henry Herz; built by George Hardy 
Mai MARSHALL VENDERBY HOUSE - Designed and built by Aidan de la Mare, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, UK 
Juni Half-timbered House - Built by Micah Melbie, Morris, PA, USA 
Juli Fire House - Designed and Built by Klaus Jörg Müller, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
August The Robie House - by Robert Palmer, Weston Favell, Northampton, England 
September Leo Coffeng -- an Anker retrospective 
Oktober Leo Coffeng -- an Anker retrospective 
November Cistern - Designed by J.M.S. Jones, Chester England; built by Ad van Selms, Den Haag Netherlands 
Dezember Crèche - Designed by the RKA; built by Wolfgang Fichtner, Hartha, Germany