2012 Modell
Januar Sainte Chapelle, Paris - Designed and Built by Hendrik Wilkin, Germany 
Februar Home Made Stones - Designed and made by Donald St-Gelais, Sept-Iles, Canada 
März BiK New Design NF 24 - Designed by Falk Gundel, Dresden, Germany; built by János Végh, Budapest, Hungary 
April Large Castle - Designed and built by Danny Batdorf, Texas 
Mai Building with Ankerstein - The English Way - by Aidan de la Mare, Isle of Wright, UK 
Juni The New Stone Era -- Die Neue Steinzeit 
Juli New Products from the Anker Factory 
August New Anker Church Sets - Designs by AV William Patton, Binghamton, NY, USA 
September City Gate - Designed and built by AV Time Fullam, Auke Bay, Alaska, USA 
Oktober Church - Designed by the R.K.A. and built by Klaus Jörg Müller, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
November Badenlye Castle - Designed and built by Aidan de la Mare, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, U.K.
Dezember Merry Christmas 2012 - A (modified) Richter design from GK-NF # 34, Lyck - Modified and built by Wolfgang Fichtner, Harta, Germany