Palmyra Courthouse
by AV George Hardy, Palmyra, Virginia, USA

First, let's look at the building.  It is on a hill, well really a knoll, as the hill continues higher.  This point, with its new courthouse (1830) and jail (1828), was called the "acropolis" of Fluvanna.


The courthouse was designed by John Hartwell Cocke and built by Cocke and Walker Timberlake.  The brochure on Palmyra claims that this courthouse was the first Greek Revival courthouse in Virginia.Mosaic Set.  The Clerk's Office, on the left and much modified today, is on the left.  It was built in 1835.

The front door of the courthouse.  Note the two bulletin boards -- mostly obscured by the two center columns.

A closer look.  Note the threat over the door.  Yes, America has not changed.

The rear of the building.  The windows are higher up, giving the magistrate a raised position.

A close look at the triglyphs, metopes, and tympanum.

The Anchor model.  The spacer block between the two center columns is not all that obvious.

The front door and steps.

A look at the roof.  The only color my stone collection permitted was yellow.  And even then I had to finish with 1/4 thick stones.

A closeup of the two bulletin boards.  Yes, to take these pictures I had to remove the spacer stone.

The rear of the courthouse.  Because Modern House (American Bungalow) set windows are used, the windows are not as tall as they should.

A side view showing the windows and roof.

A close look at the chimney.  The slope of the roof is reproduced in the chimney - roof intersection.

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