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Richters Anker-Steinbaukasten

(Vol. 7, # 12)

This month the format is being changed again .  The main subject is Schloß Hummelshain, as built by Leo Coffeng, Almen, NL, along with as a personal note covering Leo's and my trip through northeastern Germany in October.  

But first, some Anchor Christmas cheer.  The creche on the left (NF 22, p. 4) was built and decorated by Wolfgang Fichtner, Hartha, Germany.  Take a look at the close-up pictures of the figures.

Do not forget that the new Anchor building sets make great Christmas presents, and they provide important educational benefits to children.  Those with set # 12 will want the CVA plan book of designs.

Schloß Hummelshain,Thüringen, is quite close to Rudolstadt.  Although there has been a Burg here since the 13th C. (The "alte Schloß" can still be seen today, though much changed.), the Schloß of interest was built as a hunting retreat between 1880 and 1885.  It was often used as a summer residence.  To see a web picture of Schloß Hummelshain, click here.  (The text is in German.)  As you will see in the picture, the trees near the Schloß have been allowed to grow far too large.  (I suspect that pruning of planting around a hunting castle was not a high priority in the DDR.)  So to really appreciate Schloß Hummelshain, you must see Leo Coffeng's reproduction, shown below.  

Since this Schloß was built in the late 19th C., arrival would have always been by coach.  Thus the "real: entrance is the one you encounter when you arrive today.  But, for the residents, the "front" was the other side of the building.  The pictures are arranged in a counter-clockwise order, starting with the "arrival"  view.

This model is large, very large.  Its length is 1.4 meters (56"); its depth is 0.92 meters (36"); its height is 1.3 meters (52").  About 10,000 stones were used in its construction.

The entrance, under the tower.  It is very convenient for cars or carriages.

A closer view.

The front door and the beautiful porch.

A side view, note the very fine balcony on the right.  This balcony, as you will soon see, turns the corner and runs along the "front" (garden side) of the building.

A close-up, note the roof.

A better look at the porch and the arches.  Not enough Anchor builders use the Gothic arches in this way.

The steps lead down to the garden.

The other side.

Another roof view.

The tower is similar to one shown in the Anchor Stone Catalog from the 1920s.

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As added interest, I have posted on my own page pictures of Leo's and my October trip through northeastern Germany.

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