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Richters Anker-Steinbaukasten

(Vol. 7, # 10)

This month a total change of format.  Why?  To have room for 16 pictures of Peter Hartel's Large Castle of 1894.  None of the usual stuff is present.  To see the usual stuff, click here.  (I should note that this path will usually result in last month's edition of the web site.)  

The Large Castle of 1894 is one of the most impressive and well documented of the Richter company's exhibition buildings. Below are the well known front view and the much less well known rear view.

These are the only "instructions".  Using these pictures, plus his extensive Anchor knowledge and his world-class Anchor stone collection, Peter Hartel, Schmallenberg (Sauerland), Germany, has built this castle.  Like all builders, he has made some minor modifications.  Below are sixteen pictures Peter sent me of this wonderful castle.

Peter loves to decorate his Anchor buildings.  The fancy inner courtyard, as well as the tree and figures, add to the visual impact of the castle.

Peter does not neglect the exterior details.  Note the water, which explains the bridge-like entrance ramp, plus the swans in the water.  He even spread sand to make the building table top look nicer.

It is always interesting to see under-construction pictures.  Here are two.  Both show inner details which one cannot see in the finished building.

I have also rerun my version of this same castle.

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