St. Elizabeth

1207 - 1231 (Canonised 1235)

St. Elisabeth lived only a very short time.  She was promised to the Landgraf von Thüringen as a bride when she was just four years old.  He died, but her betrothal was handed down, so she did marry the then-current Landgraf.  Elisabeth was only one generation removed from St. Francis, and she was very much influenced by his life and teachings.  She devoted herself to the poor.  After the death of her husband, she retreated to Marburg, where she had blood-relatives and where she established the Franciscan Hospital.  She devoted herself to aid for the sick and poor.  Her hard work and her life of poverty lead to her early death.  Within four years of her death she was canonised, which is testimony to her impact and her good works.

The Church of St. Elisabeth in Marburg, Germany.  It was built over her tomb, started in 1235 and consecrated in 1283.  It is a very large church, with towers 262 feet high.  It is 184 feet long (not counting the towers which are much later than the original church itself) and 128 feet wide at the transepts; the interior vaulting of the nave is 66 feet high.  The Elisabethkirche is first pure Gothic church to be built in Germany.

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