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Richters Anker-Steinbaukasten

Special Edition -- Die Wartburg!!!

(Vol. 6, # 3)

This month's web site will be devoted to the Hans Ludwig Anchor model of the Wartburg.  All of the other sections have been eliminated to make room for as many pictures as possible of this magnificent Anchor building and the fine restoration work of Leo Coffeng and Jan van der Werff.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, and taking 2,500 hours, Hans Ludwig of Berlin-Frohnau built his second, larger, model of the Wartburg.  His first, smaller, model was exhibited at the Leipzig Spring Fair in 1958 and at the 1958 meeting of Anchor friends in Rudolstadt.  Click here for a short history of the Wartburg if you do not understand why there is so much interest in this castle. (Germany has many castles, some of them finer then the Wartburg.)

The view of the diagonally opposite end of the Wartburg.  There is a minor entrance for people on foot at this end, the main entrance is shown in the first picture.

Obviously the restoration was not finished when this picture was taken.  The model, though dirty from not having its covering opened and cleaned, was in excellent condition prior to the move to Rudolstadt. It arrived in Rudolstadt in less than perfect condition.  Fortunately over 100 slides were taken before the move was made, so the model, exactly as Hans Ludwig built it, is well documented.  (Note, those pictures were not available for this month's web site.)

This close-up picture of the entrance give a very good idea of the detailed reproduction in this model.  Of special interest to many Anchor builders is Fachwerkhaus (half-timbered house) construction.

Another look at the restored Wartburg.  The work is not finished.  You can easily see the saw cut through the base.  But the model is now in one of the most beautiful rooms of the Richter Villa and you can see it anytime you visit Rudolstadt.  The Spielhaus Richtersche Villa Rudolstadt e.V. is to be congratulated for obtaining and transporting the Wartburg model; Leo Coffeng and Jan van der Werff are to be congratulated on their fine restoration job.  The largest and best Anchor exhibition building is now safe!

For the month of March, 2001.  

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