Two Modern Stone Makers

Anchor friends should be very excited about these two color stones.  The original Richter factory was said to have made such stones (Anker Zeitung Nr. 1, s. 9).  "Auch bei diesem Bau war die Herstellung verschiedener neuer Steinformen notwendig; bemerkenswert sind in erster Linie die halb rot und weiß gehaltenen Bogen, die hier zum ersten Mal Verwendung fand und auf den Abbildungen deutlich erkennbar sind."  (Also for this building [St. Agnes Church] the manufacture of new stone forms was necessary; most noteworthy are the arches which are half red and white, which found use here for the first time and are clearly recognized in the pictures.)  Samples of these stones have never been seen, but Ben Strasters makes them.

This picture shows both the molds used to make the stones and the stones themselves.  These stones are made from the same materials as the original stones -- sand, chalk, coloring and linseed oil -- though not in the same ratios.  Ben presses the stones to very precise dimensions. 
* * * *

The molds are also made by Ben.  They are not intended for high volume.  Ben makes stones for his own use only.
* * * *

Measuring out the mixture requires precision.
* * * * * *

Ernst Offerman also makes stones.  He uses a modern mixture which is based on epoxy.  Thus the stones are not the same as the original Anchor stones.  The stones are cast, not pressed. 
* * * *

An important operation is elimination of air bubbles.  The vibrator helps get rid of them, but it is very difficult to completely eliminate the bubbles.
* * * *

Mixing is still a pains-taking operation.
* * * * * * * *