Richter's Anchor Stone Building Sets and Stones For Sale

Anchor Friends in Europe have available a relatively active market in Anchor stones and sets.  One can find a good selection of Anchor at most of the larger toy fairs; the auction house of Martin Wendl (Rudolstadt) holds auctions four times a year and there are always some Anchor sets available.  Finally, the CVA's own magazine has a Buy & Sell column, which is hard for Americans to take advantage of.  So I have decided to see if I can develop an American Anchor market.  This American market stands ready to buy as well as sell!  As a general rule, I will pay 70% of the anticipated selling price.  I hope to have some more sets soon.  I am on the track of some more sets.    But remember both condition and completeness count.  Missing or broken stones, missing or incomplete plans, incorrect boxes, etc. all will reduce the purchase price.  Sellers should keep in mind that I (and my Anchor collection) have to stand behind the sale.  I can only e-mail you an estimated price based on what you tell me.  Payment  will be made only after receipt by me and inspection.  Good packing for shipment is important.  Breakage is at the seller's cost.  Since I deal that way when I sell, I also deal that way when I buy.  If you have any Anchor items to sell, please e-mail me.  Since this market is an experiment, I do not guarantee to have any specific set available -- all items are subject to prior sale -- nor do I guarantee to continue on this market.  Sales have been somewhat surprisingly spritely.  Clearly there is going to be a shortage of the sets above # 10A.  For sets 6 - 12, I recommend that you purchase the new sets.  They are first quality. 

I will also accept sets on consignment.  Consignment is free if you mail them to the buyer and accept all responsibility for the quality; a 15% fee if I inspect them here, make all corrections so they are 100% OK and take responsibility for shipping to the customer (both cost and damage).  All "free consignment" sets will be so indicated in the listings.  Keep checking this page.

I have been giving away stones to those who need them to complete sets.  In general, the stones needed were very common and the amount of money involved was quite small.  But after spending over $5,000 in the last few months for stones, and giving a small percentage away, I have decided that I am going to start charging for stones.  The price is $1 per stone (plus $5 for packing and mailing).  Arches and beams are more.  Some stones are very rare, so don't think that I will sell my 409Gs or 462Gs for a dollar each (or at any price, for that matter).  Just e-mail me your needs and I will see what I can offer.  Plan books are also a problem.  I have decided to establish the hard and firm rule that I will only provide color copies (scan and color print) if I have no more than three copies of any plan book.

The CVA has published its Stone Catalog, which covers all of the stone shapes Richter made, plus shapes made by other innovators.  Metal parts and most other accessories are included in the catalog.  The contents of the sets are also listed.  The cost of the catalog sheets (European size paper, intended for loose leaf use) is f 40, plus postage costs, in Europe.  I bought two copies at the recent fall meeting, without European four hole binders.  The cost in the USA, including postage, is $25.   All Anchor people need, and will want, a copy.

General notes:   Beams # 22 and longer may have been broken and glued, but will be quite usable.  All Anchor builders know that wooden beams are best used in all locations that support a lot of weight.  (new) I have obtained some quality European beech wooden beams.  I will sell wooden beams in lengths of 150 - 225 mm at the same price as stones.  Or if you know someone with a wood shop, ask him to produce some beams.  The beams are all 12.5 × 25 mm (NOT 1/2 × 1 inch), and lengths of 100, 125, 150 175, 200 and 225 are standard, though some builders have a goodly supply of beams up to (and even over) 400 mm.  The company also made other beams, as well as some 6.25 mm thick.  The building and layer plans will be original, but the packing plan, if not on the inner cover label, will be a color copy.  The box and box tops are in short supply and I do not have enough original Richter boxes.  In that Anchor people are builders, they don't value the boxes highly.  I find that trays which hold two "standard" 8 × 12 sets, the largest the company made, are excellent and not too heavy to carry.  Some Anchor friends have built cabinets which hold these trays.  They are convenient for storing stones and sets.

At the CVA meeting in October a bought a two layer set (class 1) -- # 12A and 14A for f 650 ($325).  It sold, within one day of the new page going up on the net, for $350, including normal postage.  There were a lot of sets I wanted to buy to bring home, but I already had 62 kilograms (136 lbs) of stones.  So, next time.  I was offered a class 1 - 2 set DS # 27, a great set, for $2,500.  I wanted it; either for myself or for this board.  But it is very heavy.  I will bring it back in the Spring.  Already there is one person asking about it.

The auction at the CVA meeting sold 67 lots.  Here are some prices, converted to US$.  All sets GK-NF.  Please remember that these sets are not being offered for sale, they were sold at the last auction.  But the prices indicate realistic values when both the buyer and seller are informed collectors.
set class price set class price set place price set class price
10 1+ 225 10A 2 75 12A 2 95 14A 1-2 165
16A 2+ 165 18A 2- 215 20A 1-2 275 22A 1-2 400
24A 1- 400 26A 2 500 28A 2+ 550 30A 2+ 220
32B 2 1200             So, a set # 34, class 2+, would have cost $4,700.

 Please, offer some sets.  I get phone calls and e-mails, some very exciting, but no one seems to be interested in selling interesting sets.