AF Castle on the Lake (Schloß am See)

The Castle on the Lake is one of the favorite Anchor buildings.  Most Anchor people know the design that comes with the set # 34, Lyck, from the GK-NF series.  But the more attractive version is the older one found in the AF building plans.   

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This view shows the bridge and tower at the corner of the main building.

* * * * * *

Notice the wonderful detailing in the windows.  The use of the contrast between the yellow and red stones is excellent.  The base of the building is realistic, with supporting buttresses.

This head-on view shows the entrances -- of the front of entrance on the land side, and the entrance to the main building.  Note the balcony in the tower.

Next month I will not have any pictures on my page because the space will be used for the Tower of Lisbon by Klaus Otto.

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A few of you may wonder what I look like.  Here is a picture from Christmas, 1996.  This picture is about as good as they get.

For those who are really interested in Anchor stones, I have written a book about them.  (I just got tired of either looking up the same information again and again, or trusting my memory on specific details such as dates and names.)  It is expensive, $70 (or 100 DM) ppd, because I print it myself on my PC and color ink is expensive.  The book undoubtedly contains far more information about Anchor stones and sets, the Richter company, etc. than you'll ever want to read.  This book is a lot of work to print (I print about a dozen at a time, and is available in either English or German), so please don't think I am urging you to buy one.

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