Value is the most common question anyone asks.  A good guideline would be "two stones for a dollar".  Of course there are many exceptions, but it is a good place to start.  You can expect to pay two to three times that price in a Madison Avenue antique shop in New York City.  And you should expect to pay more if you want to buy "one of this type of stone and two of that".  Bargains can still be found, but far more sets are overpriced than underpriced.  I cannot tell you how often people ask about a GK-NF set # 4, of 47 stones, being offered for US$200.  The set # 6, with 105 stones and all three books, is worth only about $100!  The new sets sell for over $100 a set (during December, 1996, a # 6 sold for $140 plus shipping from Land's End).  So you may find the older sets cheaper, but to do so you will have to haunt the flea markets.  For questions about specific values, please fell free to contact me.  (I am far more likely to be a buyer than a seller.  I will only sell Anchor stones from my collection to "good homes".  However, because Anchor sets are not widely distributed yet in the USA, I do keep a small inventory of new sets for sale.  I also have established a small inventory of old sets for sale.)  A long (but not complete) listing of the estimated retail price of Anchor sets is found in Schroeder's Collectable Toys Price Guide.  Since I provided the information for this listing, e-mailing me to see if I differ with that book is not likely to result in much new information.  But keep in mind that the company used the same identification numbers over and over, so one should look for the accompanying telegraph words or passwords.

For the record, I have no connection with this new production venture.  As a look at this web site should prove, my interest in Anchor blocks is of a hobby nature, and like most hobbyists, I encourage others to see the greatness in my hobby.  Feel free to contact me if you want to find out about product for retail sale in the USA.  I will be glad to put you in touch with the importer/wholesaler.  This web site is run by me for the benefit of the CVA.

For those who are really interested in Anchor stones, I have written a book about them.  (I just got tired of either looking up the same information again and again, or trusting my memory on specific details such as dates and names.)  It is expensive, $70 (or 100 DM) ppd, because I print it myself on my PC and color ink is expensive.  The book undoubtedly contains far more information about Anchor stones and sets, the Richter company, etc. than you'll ever want to read.  This book is a lot of work to print (I print about a dozen at a time, in either English or German), so please don't think I am urging you to buy one.

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