Designs for Set # 12
by Fred Schlipf of Urbana, Illinois.

Limited in the number of stones available, but not in imagination, Fred Schlipf decided to try his hand at.  He sent me picture of these two designs.  I do hope that he draws the layer plans so that we can have some new designs for set # 12.

The first design is of a midwestern courthouse.  This picture is really of the rear entrance.  The high ceilings were necessary because of the hot temperatures in the summer.  The upper floor was used for county supervisors meetings.

The front entrance,with its neoclassical columns , gives the building an official, governmental look.

Another view, could you build it from a # 12?

* * *

This design is of a local library, probably int he same small town as the courthouse.  The design is a classic Carnegie library, not unlike Stephen Hurlbut designed in set #208.

The front entrance of Carnegie libraries was impressive.  The center hall was covered by a dome.

The rear of the library.

A closer look at the roof and the dome.

Two very fine new designs for set # 12!
If you think I am overreacting, then just try to build interesting buildings with the smaller Anchor sets.

* * * * * * * * * * *