Anchor Exhibitions

The CVA also puts on exhibitions of Anchor products, including large Anchor block buildings.  CVA members build the display models over the week preceding the opening.  The next such exhibition was opened in the Flanders Toy Museum (Speelgoedmuseum van Vlaanderen) in Mechelen, Belgium, on October 25, 1996 and will remain open until April 20, 1997.  I spent a week with other Anchor friends building this display.  The display of Anchor buildings is excellent, and I urge all Anchor friends who are in the area to see it.  (For those who play billiards, Mechelen is the home of Raymond Ceulemans.  I saw him play a 50 point match -- he won 50 - 34 in 24 innings.  He plays most evenings at his son's billiard club, which is open to the public.)  The previous exhibition was held in the Richter Villa in Rudolstadt in 1994.  

The Katonah Museum of Art, (Route 22 at Jay Street, Katonah, NY) in northern Westchester County, will be holding an exhibition Toying with Architecture.  This exhibition will run from September 28, 1997 to January 4, 1998.  I will be building four buildings (the Greek Temple [ Graecia ]; a suburban house from the Modern House Series [#s 10 + 206 + 208 + 210]; a W.W.I fortress [# 410 -- for some reason considered to be very modern architecture]; Castle on the Lake [Schloß am See; # 34 -- the 'large' building]).  This museum is very convenient to New York City.  I hope that all Anchor friends in the northeastern USA will take the time to see this exhibit.

The CVA has chosen Traunstein, Bavaria, Germany, which is about 30 km from the Austrian border on the autobahn between München and Satzburg.  The CVA is currently looking for sites for 2000 and 2002.  The CVA is hoping that a site in the U.K. or the USA can be found.  Any suggestions would be most welcome. 

The best permanent museum exhibition known to me is in the Toy Museum in Oosterhout (NB) Netherlands.  The Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, also has an excellent collection, though I do not know just how much is on exhibition at any given time.  The Toy Museum in Salzburg has a nice Anchor display, using the Erwin Gebert collection.  The Gebert collection was very extensive, so I suspect that they have a lot more not on display.  During the Traunstein exhibition construction period I plan to visit the Salzburg Toy Museum with the aim of examining the Gebert collection.

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