Bayernturm (Köln)

by Peter Hartel
Schmallenberg, Sauerland, Germany

Bayernturm (Köln) -- Bavaria Tower in Cologne --  was built by Peter Hartel in the spring of 1992.  These pictures were taken in May of that year.  This tower protected the city of Cologne where the Rhine met the southern edge of the city.  Peter has used a number of figures to decorate the tower, but they do not represent an actual attack on the tower.  Again we have an absolutely wonderful Anchor building.  Peter Hartel continues to prove that he (at least in my opinion) is the best living Anchor builder.  It is my understanding that Peter will open an Anchor museum soon; perhaps it is open now.  I will keep all Anchor friends informed as I learn more details. 

Of course the building in the background is not part of the tower.
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