The Richter Factory in Rudolstadt

This illustration of the Richter factory is from an engraving which is found in a few very early the company catalogs.  The factory was, when I was last there in April 1996, relatively unchanged from the later (post 1898) engravings.  Unfortunately, the company, the AnkerPharm GmbH, was sold to a French company, Chauvin, by the Treuhandanstalt.  Although the AnkerPharm was profitable and had met all of the BRD standards for the manufacture of its medicines, manufacturing has been stopped in Rudolstadt and moved westward.  Today it is only a "Lager".  So the former DDR has another unused factory, and additional unemployment.  Clearly good local management, a solid product line and profitability meant little to the Treuhandanstalt, not when they could sell out the local workers for 20,000,000 DM.  The memory of Dr. Richter, and the people of Rudolstadt (this description is in German), deserved better.

However, the building stones are being made again, and in Rudolstadt, by Modellbaustein-Spiele GmbH, Breitscheidstr. 103, D-07407 Rudolstadt/Thüringen, Germany. Tel: 03672 / 5 25 55; Fax: 03672 / 5 25 52.  These wonderful sets are just beginning to be imported, once again, into the USA.  It is my understanding that the sets will be in the Christmas Catalog of Land's End and that US agents (Wonder Works, Nutley, NJ; Flannigan Sales, Brooklyn Park, MN) have been appointed.

This picture shows the factory circa1880.  The first Richter Villa is on the right.  Please remember that this in
an engraving and the buildings are not necessarily to the same scale.  The Villa looks 'larger than life' to me.

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