Club of Anchor Friends

There are approximately 140 members of Club of Anchor Friends (Club van Ankervrienden, CVA), including ten Americans.  The CVA publishes a Newsletter (Mededelingenblad, MLB) four times a year.  Although the MLB articles are written in the language of the author (Dutch, German, English) full English and German translations are available at no extra cost, except for postage for the one in German.  The MLB always includes a "Buy and Sell" column.  Dues for the CVA are Hfl 90 for Dutch members, Hfl 95 for other Europeans and Hfl 110 for overseas members.  The dues include the MLB, and the difference in dues reflects the postage costs.  New members are always welcome.

The CVA holds its meetings twice a year, usually on the fourth Saturday of April and October, at the Hotel Toor in Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands.  The next meeting is October 26, 1996, starting at 10:00 AM.  Visitors are welcome.  I plan to be there.  The CVA also puts on exhibitions of Anchor products, including large Anchor block buildings.  CVA members build the display models over the week preceding the opening.  The next such exhibition will be in the Toy Museum (Speelgoedmuseum Mechelen) in Mechelen, Belgium, opening on October 25, 1996.  The previous exhibition was held in the Richter Villa in Rudolstadt in 1994.  The CVA is currently looking for sites for 1998 and 2000.

The CVA has an Archive, which includes more than 2,000 original documents.  Copies are available at no cost, other than copying cost (b/w is usually free) and postage.  Color copies are available.

People interested in more information on the CVA can contact me by e-mail, or the CVA's Secretary: Leo Coffeng, Blauwedijk 2, NL-7218 Almen, Netherlands; 0575-431542.  Leo is fluent in not only his native Dutch, but also German, French and English.

The best permanent museum exhibition known to me is in the Toy Museum in Oosterhout (NB) Netherlands.  The Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, also has an excellent collection, though I do not know just how much is on exhibition at any given time.

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