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Users of AnkerPlan 1.4 may have noticed that sometimes stones are not correctly put to the required position. This occurs especially for arches, roof stones and columns. The error may be in the few mm range. To correct for this error, BiK member Martin van Beuzekom wrote a simple script to align each stone by its reference point to a grid with a period of 1/8 Anker unit (3.125 mm for GK) in X, Y and Z. Note that the reference point of a stone is defined as the point of origin in "Steineditor", a program that is installed together with AnkerPlan.

Since the script of Martin has been written for Linux, it was not available for most Ankerfriends. Therefore AF Janos Vegh contacted a friend (László Novák) who devised a Windows executable under the name AnkerFix, both for GK as for KK. There is a 32 bit version and a 64 bit version. As far as we know at present, the program operates without problems.

Installation is not needed. Just unpack the zipped file and put it in a convenient place. Run it by double clicking.

A few directions for use

  1. first save your AnkerPlan file in uncompressed format(.xap)
  2. save the modified file under another name
  3. always check the resulting file for unwanted effects and correct them by hand if needed
    1. if the position error is bigger than 1/16 Anker unit (1.5625 mm), then the stone will be aligned to the wrong gridpoint
    2. stones in window frames of the building or decorating stones may have been deliberately set to an odd position and will thus wrongly aligned to the 1/8 unit grid
    3. stones that have been rotated by other angles than 90 deg mostly will be positioned wrongly.
  4. we are still in a phase of evaluation. As far as we know AnkerFix operates for Windows XP and Windows 7. Please contact us for comments and problems


Martin van Beuzekom, Janos Vegh and László Novák



AnkerFix v1.3 for 32 bit Windows (572 kB)


AnkerFix v1.3 for 64 bit Windows (696 kB)